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Tiger, Tiger Hood Ya'll
By Tiffany Fitzgerald
Posted on 2/21/2019 5:16 PM

What began as an activity to pass the time while trying to sell his photographs has "become a lifestyle" for Patrick Barr. 
Better known around the streets of New York City as "Tiger Hood," Barr now spends much of his days and nights hitting empty milk cartons with a golf club. And he's about to have even bigger galleries watching him in action.

A new documentary titled Neighborhood Golf Association by Nicolas Heller explores Barr's life, career, and mostly his unusual hobby. Heller, the man behind the popular New York Nico Instagram account, does a nice job of showing the charismatic local legend in his element while also getting across Barr's beautiful message of inclusivity.

"For the rest of my life, I just want to play golf and I want to take it worldwide, bro. Worldwide. So everybody can play," Barr says late in the film. "Not just people on the golf course, man."

Click here to watch video, courtesy of Golf Channel. 
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