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Here's Why Black Women Can't Get Ahead At Work
By Tiffany Fitzgerald
Posted on 8/17/2019 10:07 AM

"Want to get ahead at work? The latest in business and management research says get a sponsor: someone who has enough clout to successfully advocate for you to the people that matter, a person who will recommend you for an opportunity that you didn’t know existed. In other words, a powerful ally on the corporate battlefield."

For years studies have revealed that career growth and opportunities are connected to having the right sponsor. However the recent Bloomberg article goes on to say:

"Not all sponsors get the same results, however. New research by salary website PayScale found that employees who have a white male advocate often end up with higher pay, and most of those employees are white men. Women—particularly black and Hispanic women, are the least likely to have such a lucrative connection."

Don't be discouraged by this information because we've seen golf level this playing field for women of color. Golf places you in a target-rich environment where you can connect with a potential sponsor. If you've been saying no to the company golf outing or turning down invitations to play golf, you're doing yourself and your future career growth a disservice. Golf isn't a silver bullet, but it sure can get you connected to the right people.  

Where else can you spend 4hours of uninterrupted time with White men in positions of power in your organization or industry? The added bonus is that there are so few African American women playing golf, you'll stick out like a sore thumb.

Here are a few tips for leveraging golf:
1) Say yes to the next invitation. This will be the beginning of a relationship that could help you reach your career goals.
2) Stop volunteering at the company golf outing and play. When you play, you are giving yourself an opportunity to learn about your colleagues and likewise, they'll get to know you and see you in a different light. 
3) Keep a piece of golf memorabilia in a visible place on your desk or in your office. We all have a golf item with a story. Place yours on your desk and watch is become a conversation starter.

Click here to read the Bloomberg article.
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