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Happy To Be Nappy
By Tiffany Fitzgerald
Posted on 8/2/2018 1:37 PM
I just saw the Nappily Ever After trailer and shared this letter with the BGG community.

I'm often asked why I chose to name my business Black Girls Golf. It is usually followed up by, "why can't it just be Girls Golf?" Then they tell me I'm racist.
Today, I saw the trailer for a new Netfilx film with Sanaa Lathan, Nappily Ever After. This story highlights a Black woman's struggle with being perfect. Not too far from my story and how I went natural. Just came home one day with no hair. . . literally no hair, so when I saw this trailer I was immediately drawn in. As a Black woman, anything that highlights my struggles with self acceptance and self identity gets a second look. This trailer stirred up a few emotions that run pretty deep with me and many of my friends, sisters, nieces, etc. For many Black women and girls, our hair can be our crowing glory or the bane of our existence. If it was the latter for you, welcome to the club. Second guessing your choices around your identity has a way of stripping your confidence,  making you naked and vulnerable to the world. 
Back to why Black Girls Golf. In a world where our hair, our skin, our hips and everything that makes us Black is not the standard of beauty we need more positive images of self. We need positive reflections of ourselves that reinforce and for some, teach us, how to love and appreciate our beauty. Black Girls Golf is one of those spaces where what you look like is accepted. Somehow, having a shared experience - knowing someone else feels the same, struggles the same, and looks the same makes it all easier to deal with.
Black Girls Golf is a space where kinky, curly, relaxed, straight, or whatever you call yourself can come together and encourage, support, and love each other around a common goal. I am very grateful to this community we've built. We are making an impact on the world through our common love of golf. Thank you for being my community because the struggles we ignore being a Black woman can surprise you like a Summer rain, pouring down out of nowhere when you don't have an umbrella. The BGG community has been my umbrella when the world can't understand why Black Girls Golf.

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