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Golf Tip: Cheyenne Woods Shows You How To Make Better Contact with Wedges

Tiffany Fitzgerald  | Published on 9/12/2016

Break 100 with this simple golf tip

You've probably been on You Tube and have Googled every golf tip there is because you want to break 100. How do we know? Because every recreational golfer wants to break 100. We could give you every golf tip in the world, but nothing replaces a commitment to practice. It's time to put away your driver and head over to the practice green with your wedges and your putter and send some time getting more accurate with your wedges. Increasing your accuracy around the green sets you up for better putts.

The better you get at putting, the lower your scores will be. We suggest practicing with your wedges and putter twice as much as you practice with your driver.

Here's a pretty good golf tip from Cheyenne Woods. Focus on making better contact with your wedges.