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On Par

Tiffany Fitzgerald  | Published on 5/22/2015

Black Girls Golf Founder Helps Women Get in the Game



In the corporate world, if you aren’t at the informal gathering after the meeting, you may miss the most important parts of the meeting.

High level networking often takes place on the golf course, but how would you know if you’ve never picked up a club?

Enter Black Girls Golf, an Atlanta-based company founded by Tiffany Fitzgerald, a former marketing professional who herself entered the great game of golf the hard way.

“Let’s just say I was completely intimidated,” Fitzgerald said of her first attempt at a round of golf. “The few lessons I took before I went — little did I know those wouldn’t be enough. I had never really played an entire round, and I swung and missed a couple of times. I was completely humiliated and never wanted to go there again.”

She was nothing if not persistent, and she knew she would never get better if she didn’t keep trying. But she couldn’t help but notice there were few — if any — other women on the course.
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